Germany Job Seeker Visa/Work Permit Reviews by Pratik Choudhary

Germany Job Seeker Visa/Work Permit Review by Pratik Choudhary – Watch this video to know what one of our happy customer Pratik Choudhary has to say about Germany work visa process. As a leading Germany immigration and visa consultant in India, we offer fast and reliable Germany job seeker visa processing and consulting services for India citizens. Pratik Choudhary is also a happy customer who is sharing his feedback on successful Germany job seeker visa processed by Radvision World Consultancy. Continue reading “Germany Job Seeker Visa/Work Permit Reviews by Pratik Choudhary”

Canada Permanent Resident (Express Entry) Visa Reviews by Akash Jana

Hello guys, here we are uploading another client testimonial video who has shared his feedback about Radvision World Consultancy Canada permanent resident visa. The candidate name Akash Jana applied for Canadian permanent residence through Express Entry and now he is expressing his reviews on the successful visa process under the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) of Canada. Radvision World team is thankful to Akash Jana who has given his valuable time for this short video review on Provincial Nominee Program that allows nominate immigrants for Canadian permanent residence every year. Watch this short video from one of our happy customers and contact us to find out if you are eligible to enter in Canada Express Entry pool. Continue reading “Canada Permanent Resident (Express Entry) Visa Reviews by Akash Jana”

Tier 5 Visa for Temporary Workers – A Quick Overview

Tier 5 Visa

The United Kingdom (UK) holds one of Europe’s strongest economies that attracts some of the worlds greatest talents. From educational scholars who attend prestigious institutions to professional athletes who join some of Europe’s most powerful sporting clubs. These individuals seek to relocate to the UK to start a new page in their lives, and the country is very much supportive of that. The Visa in which these individuals apply for is called the Tier 5 Visa and comes in six different categories, each tailored to fit the needs and circumstances of each unique individual. Continue reading “Tier 5 Visa for Temporary Workers – A Quick Overview”

Top Seven Tips to Hasten the Immigration Process Once Check In

Airports are one of the busiest places on earth today. With meager staff, the check-in queues are protracted at check-in areas and unpredictable wait times at the airport is really annoying and enough to spoil the best mood. You can easily save some time in case you consider the below-mentioned tips. It will help you to travel in a good mood no matter what is going on with your flight.

Before you step out of your house:

1. Check the Status of your Flight/

It is one of the critical but obvious tips that should be followed by during travels. There are times, due to technical reasons or weather conditions, flights get delayed and even canceled. Checking the flight status helps to stay ahead of time and prevents you from unnecessary hassle. Most airlines text flight status updates if you sign up on their websites on the web and through smartphone apps.

2. Prefer Online Check-in

In case you are traveling alone and you are lucky enough to have no checking bags, this can save you a heap of time. It is the best way to secure your preferable seat onboard the plane.

3. Place Documents Easily Accessible Place

Checking over your ID, credit card and boarding pass before you enter the airport. Keep it in an easily accessible part of your wallet or bag for the reason you don’t waste your time fumbling around for documents at the moment you need them.

4. Pack Everything Else Out of Reach

You can easily get confused in the airport so pack in such a way that you will not need between your front door and your airplane seat.

5. Check the Airport Parking Situation Online

In case you are capable of knowing ahead of time where to park your vehicle ensure that you do it. Prior knowledge of which lots are open and how far they are from the terminal can save you a lot of worries your drive in, as well as keep you safer to navigate the roads.

At Airport:

6. Prepare Your Documents

Prior to entering the check-in queue, ensure that you are handed with all the items and documentation you will need to check in. This is really a hassle free and brings smiles on you and people around you – airline agents and the people behind you queue that are please by your valuing time attitude.

7. Weigh Your Bags and Be Ready

Nowadays can find weighing scales in front of the check-in areas. For the slightest feeling, you have that your checked bag might be overweight, weigh it before you get in the queue so that possibly you can do swapping between your bags before you reach the check-in counter. You can weigh your bags at home before you start.

5 Tips for Germany Immigration Interview

germany interview tips

After submitting all the application forms and documents comes the hardest part for Germany Immigration, the dreaded interview session. Every information provided by the applicant is cross-checked during the interview. It is up to the interviewer to figure out whether or not you’ll be easily able to integrate with the Germany culture. Here are a few tips that will help you in getting through the arduous interview process.

Tip #1: Provide Accurate Information in your Application Forms

Information provided through every application form, document and recommendation letter will be cross-checked by the authorities. The interviewer will begin with simple questions about you and your family and then move towards more complex ones. If the information you provided in applications does not match with the one you say during the interview, then it can be game over for you. Continue reading “5 Tips for Germany Immigration Interview”

Check out the Brand Visa Consultancy Services

It’s a fact that most countries like United States, United Kingdom, and many other developed countries are closing their borders for immigrants. Countries are movies towards merit-based immigration and are targeting only educated and talented individuals who can create value for the economy. On the other hand, countries like Canada and Japan are facing a population crisis. Their aging population is becoming a burden on the economy. Hence, to subside the negative impact of this ticking time bomb, these countries are liberalizing their immigration policies.

If the immigration system for different countries doesn’t make any sense to you, then you’re not alone. Maybe you need a little expert guidance to get through the whole process. This where Radvision World makes its entry. It is a registered immigration consultancy firm that offers a myriad of services to the aspiring individual’s nook and corner of the world who want to migrate abroad to work or settle. Continue reading “Check out the Brand Visa Consultancy Services”

Best Jobs in Demand in Canada for Immigration 2018

Canada Jobs

When it comes to immigration, your occupation matters a lot. Not all occupation provides you with the same benefit. Canada has a points-based immigration system. In the Express Entry program, you are awarded extra CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score on the basis of your occupation, work experience in the field and related educational qualification. If you already have a job from a Canada based employer in selected fields, then you’re gold and will be able to easily get your immigration visa.

In recent years, most countries are trying to attract as many specialists from the STEM (Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. For this, special visa programs have been introduced by most developed countries. Still, there are many other professions that are facing a scarcity of talented and passionate individuals. Continue reading “Best Jobs in Demand in Canada for Immigration 2018”