Best Jobs in Demand in Canada for Immigration 2018

Canada Jobs

When it comes to immigration, your occupation matters a lot. Not all occupation provides you with the same benefit. Canada has a points-based immigration system. In the Express Entry program, you are awarded extra CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score on the basis of your occupation, work experience in the field and related educational qualification. If you already have a job from a Canada based employer in selected fields, then you’re gold and will be able to easily get your immigration visa.

In recent years, most countries are trying to attract as many specialists from the STEM (Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. For this, special visa programs have been introduced by most developed countries. Still, there are many other professions that are facing a scarcity of talented and passionate individuals.

Here is a list of top occupations that will boost your CRS score immediately:

Software Engineer

The tech industry is booming like crazy. The numbers of jobs available are quite high. Further, counties want the most influential tech companies to be from their country. Being proficient in technologies like Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and cloud computing with degrees from good colleges can boost your chances of getting your visa application approved. Canadian economy welcomes the Software Engineer from across the globe and be a part of the country and contribute the economy with their knowledge and experience.

Sales Representative

The future of every business depends entirely on their sales representatives. Their job is to sell the product and service created by the organization. Without good sales representatives, the companies cannot make a good profit. There is a large scope of this job in Canada. One can earn a good monthly salary and live a good life.


Both data scientist and business analysts are in great demand. In coalesce; the two professions can do wonders for any organization. The details extracted by data scientist can be used by a business analyst to create great business plans that will boost the organization’s profits. Analysts are accepted in all states and are in great demand in Canada.

Public Relations

In the modern society, each organization needs to engage their audience and keep them as close as possible. Businesses need to have that human touch in order to not come off as Evil Corporation; many companies are spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on public relations. If you’re working in this field and have a good amount of work experience, then immigrating would be a piece of cake for you. This field has developed lot great scope that can help to grab a good job. This profile is one of most chosen occupation in the current time. It brings dignity to work as well as good money that elevates the standard of living.


Due to the popularity of digital marketing, companies are investing quite a lot of funds in it. A huge factor in digital marketing is designing. Graphics and web designing is more in demand now than any other time in history. Each day thousands of websites are created and maintaining and creating effective visual interfaces isn’t a forte of many. This profession has the great scope in Canada. You will get a lot of opportunities and grab the best job with good salary and scope for future growth.

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