Germany Job Seeker Visa/Work Permit Reviews by Pratik Choudhary

Germany Job Seeker Visa/Work Permit Review by Pratik Choudhary – Watch this video to know what one of our happy customer Pratik Choudhary has to say about Germany work visa process. As a leading Germany immigration and visa consultant in India, we offer fast and reliable Germany job seeker visa processing and consulting services for India citizens. Pratik Choudhary is also a happy customer who is sharing his feedback on successful Germany job seeker visa processed by Radvision World Consultancy. Continue reading “Germany Job Seeker Visa/Work Permit Reviews by Pratik Choudhary”

5 Tips for Germany Immigration Interview

germany interview tips

After submitting all the application forms and documents comes the hardest part for Germany Immigration, the dreaded interview session. Every information provided by the applicant is cross-checked during the interview. It is up to the interviewer to figure out whether or not you’ll be easily able to integrate with the Germany culture. Here are a few tips that will help you in getting through the arduous interview process.

Tip #1: Provide Accurate Information in your Application Forms

Information provided through every application form, document and recommendation letter will be cross-checked by the authorities. The interviewer will begin with simple questions about you and your family and then move towards more complex ones. If the information you provided in applications does not match with the one you say during the interview, then it can be game over for you. Continue reading “5 Tips for Germany Immigration Interview”